Summer Sushi

It has been a dream of mine for several years to make my own sushi rolls. I hovered at the line of success for the past year as I sliced fresh tuna and mastered my poki salad dressing, and got confident enough to serve a couple slices as sashimi. But today was THE day. I had ordered sushi rice almost 18 months ago on a whim, daydreaming about this moment. It has taunted me all summer, I’d find myself skimming articles on Gooogle for the best sushi rice recipe. 

Today was one of those spontaneous moments when Mohawk looked at me and said, “Why don’t you make some sushi rice today?” 

The tuna was a perfect shade sitting behind the butcher’s counter, so I had to give in! 

There aren’t a lot of words to describe this magical experience, so a picture walk through will do. (You are getting the deconstruction experience as you scroll down!) Enjoy, I know I did!

Oh yeah, and that is homemade pickled ginger. I need to work on that recipe. It is SUPER strong!
We calculated the cost of this to be about $3.75/roll. I was able to make two rolls. And I have about $3 worth of tuna to make a poki salad later today! My second roll (not pictured) was much tighter and easier to pick up. But all in all, I am thrilled for our first attempt!


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