Don’t cry over spilt BBQ Sauce

Yesterday was one of those days…

We tried to go out for breakfast…only to arrive and find out they’re closed.

We thought we would be champs and get some salmon and make some bagels and lox with what we had at home…only to discover my yogurt had spoiled.

I kept my chin up...dinner will be better… was my mantra for the day!

An hour after whipping up some delectable BBQ sauce for our ribs, over the hot stove, in the 95 degree kitchen…I put it in the Ninja far before it was cool enough and ended up with just 2 tablespoons of yumminess, while my floor and sink enjoyed the rest. Hotdogs it was. 

 But all was not lost, for I knew, my Strawberry-jalapeño BBQ Sauce was worth it, so today, I tried gain! No use in crying over spilt BBQ sauce. In fact, I looked at it as a chance to up my game. Today’s sauce started with fresh tomatoes instead of the last of our ketchup. I mean, that is mostly because the ketchup spilled all over the floor in yesterday’s sauce; but now I am 100% positive about what is in my sauce: zero questionable ingredients, and no preservatives. Because if I am going to mummify myself from the inside-out, it sounds way more fun to use my strawberries and jalapeños with a little tequila! Ole! 

After putting the tomatoes in a hot bath for a few seconds we peeled them and cut them along the equator to remove the seeds. Then it was time for the magic of waiting, and a bunch of yummy ingredients. Initially, I cooked down the tomatoes with garlic, jalapeños and onions, a splash of red wine vinegar, and a hint of worcestire sauce. 

After this cooked down I added the rest of these ingredients. 

Stir and wait, stir and wait… once it is nicely thickened and chunky, immersion blend that bad boy OR wait for it cool and blend it up in your NINJA. But that totally requires patience.  Voila…BBQ Sauce! 

Cooked this outside so we didn’t add any heat to the kitchen today. Many lessons were learned yesterday!


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