Arrrr…thar be pirates in Santa Barbara!


We’ve been in Santa Barbara for a week now,  helping out Captain Jack Spareribs (AKA M.E.’s dad) at the Santa Barbara Fair and Expo.

We got some geocaching done at the Wharf,  stayed at a super cool Airbnb location at the top of a huge hill. Beautiful views morning and night. 


We also caught a great band at James Joyce,  called Alistair Greene. Very fun guys,  with a great rock and roll sound.  Nothing better than tossing peanut shells on the ground to make you feel like you are at a real pub! 


Next stop will be Universal Studios to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

It’s been tough to stay on top of our healthy eating habits,  but I’d have to give us a part on the back for effort!  We’ve been doing the best we can,  as we face a lot of deep fried good smells at the fair!


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