ReCharging at Indian Rock

Yesterday, we awoke with the intention of setting out to find fresh goat’s milk, so we could begin perfecting our technique of creating our very own goat’s cheese. But alas, sometimes, there are other things in the works. Sometimes, a friend texts you and asks you to go to Indian Rock with them (and you accidentally assume it’s a casino you’ve never heard of – then they clarify it’s a beautiful park in Berkeley, CA *DOH*) and you just have to go on an adventure.

Indian Rock is a series of rock formations at the top of Solano Ave. in Berkeley, CA. And there is really something to be said for climbing the public streets, feeling the burn in your gluteus maximus, as you ascend the alleyways and step by step get to more dramatic and panoramic views of the bay you love so much.

We reached the final peak around 3 pm. We were rewarded with SWEEPING views of the Bay Area. We took a good hour to sit at the top of the hill and enjoy the power and energy of being in a majestic spot – feeling the surge of energy knowing that this exact spot was likely inhabited by our ancestors throughout history.  That these rocks were used to crush acorns to create flatbreads. Its an amazing feeling being steeped in history. Sometimes being in a place like that is exactly what you need to recharge. So goat cheese just has to wait!

We also had the distinct pleasure of introducing our friend to his first Geocache! Wait, what’s geocaching, you ask? It sounds like that’s another topic for another time! But believe me, it’s fun, and it totally makes you feel like a big kid.


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